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What is Creative Magic?

With the theme of healing and creativity, this app has been completely improved from previous works.

A beautiful pattern that you have never seen before spreads across the screen just by touching it with your finger. The ever-changing mysterious art will heal your mind and boost your creativity 😄
It’s the perfect app for a stressful society that reduces boredom and stress!

✨ What you can experience with this app ✨

⭐ Colorful river

The unleashed colors gradually gather to create a brilliant river.

⭐ Growing wood grain

The mysterious grain that undulates smoothly grows while drawing a beautiful pattern.

⭐ Spatial vibration

The gracefully moving waves create a three-dimensional and mysterious space.

⭐ Growing vine

The patterns woven by the delicate vines look like various things. Inflate your imagination and have fun.

⭐ Swirling atmosphere

The beautifully swirling flow makes you feel the mystery of the universe.

📱 Download
Seeing is believing. Stop reading this and play now!

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