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Perlin Noise

Perlin noise is one of the most famous noises and it is used in many software such as Minecraft. In this application, you can experience 6 types of generative art using Perlin noise.


Particles move in the direction calculated from Perlin noise. The particles gradually form a streak and draw a beautiful pattern.

Pixel Sorting

Sort the images in brightest order. A beautiful pattern is created by partially sorting according to Perlin Noise.

Wood Grain

This wood grain pattern is created by stacking while changing the one-dimensional Perlin noise. Furthermore, a complex pattern is created by changing the three elements of hue and position.


Displaying an afterimage of Perlin noise gives a completely different impression. Unfortunately, we are sacrificing appearance for performance. Here are the more beautiful results.

Block Break

Particles break blocks just like block breakers. The blocks are gradually eroded and an organic pattern appears.


Many contour lines are displayed as the particles move perpendicular to the noise gradient.

Let’s try!

This application is available for free on Google Play! Let’s experience the art that changes dynamically in response to your interaction.

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