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What is VFX Graph?

VFX Graph is an epoch-making system that can create advanced visual effects simply by combining blocks prepared in advance.
This feature can be used in new projects such as URP and HDRP.

List of VFX

Fire Sword

When turbulent flow is applied to particles that are ejected at high speed, it becomes a flame.

Shooting Stars

Throw a shooting star from the sky and add the effect of gravity to make it a shooting star.

Rainbow River

This VFX is based on the most popular Perlin Noise generative art on my channel.

Super Nova

You can create such a swirl pattern with Curl Noise, which can create fluid-like movements.
In the middle stage, the force to keep a certain distance from the ball is invalidated, creating an explosive effect.


If you add very bright particles with a low probability, it will shine and look very brilliant.
You can express a three-dimensional effect by slowly turning the camera. It is recommended to use the quaternion because it can rotate well.
Timeline allows you to add animations to your VFX. You can create VFX that changes like Super Nova.

Related information

All projects this time are based on Keijiro’s VfxGraphTestBed. I also use the library he created. Thank you so much for publishing under The Unlicense.
We also recommend watching the Unity VFX Graph Advance Tips.

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